Photoshoot how to: Create a full set for under $100

I LOVE on location photoshoots. Working in great locations really adds to the energy of the day and the crew. I've been in parisian homes, national parks, restaurants, and even on a pirate ship. But sometimes getting that perfect location doesn't work out, then what?

Earlier this year there was a local bar that I really wanted to work with. After doing all that I could via phone, email, and personal visits the were not very interested in allowing a crew to come in. 

I'm sure MANY of you have encountered something similar. For business trying to create eye catching content, or artists working on personal projects, working with locations, permits and timing can be so difficult. I had already fallen in love with the look and feel of this location, and trying to find another one with a deadline fast approaching was out of the question.  So I replicated the bar in my living room! I partnered with to talk about the concept and execution of this shoot!

You can find it here!

So what do you think? Did my bar match the inspiration or was it better? Let me know in the comments or leave a crazy set story! I'd love to hear them! 


- Nathan